Brass- It's the New Black


What exactly IS steampunk?  Some say that it's what happens when goths discover the color brown.  Some say that it is more than just gluing gears onto your clothes.  Some say "What the hell is steampunk?"

Well, we're not here to explain what it is.  We're fans of it and still have a hard time explaining it to people.  Suffice it to say you know it when you see it.  That being said, it's almost summer time and steampunk is hard to do when it's 90 degrees out with 90% humidity.  All those waistcoats, coats, bustles, long dresses, hats, goggles, and endless other trimmings.  It's enough to drive even the most refined gentleman or lady to drink and swear.  But how does one proclaim their love of steam and survive the summer months?  Simple, with this breathable, 100% cotton t-shirt.  Sure, you may appear half naked compared to your usual wardrobe, but you will still look stylish by modern standards.

*brass goggles not included

**spray painted nerf gun not included

***not responsible for lost time trying to explain your shirt to others.