Warrior Andy


When the  war cam sides had to be chosen.  Did you follow the banner of the Fruit or the Automaton?

Do you shutter in revulsion at the thought of drinking the apple flavored Kool-aid? Do you feel restrained residing inside a walled garden?  Do you laugh in the face of 'genius?'  Then this shirt is for you.

Proudly show your colors and display Andy the warrior on your chest, spear in hand as he makes some fruit salad.  Tell the Man that you're not going to be part of the evil empire.  Do things your own way.  Tell the world that anarchy rules.

#results of anarchy may vary.  Not responsible for any lawsuits, police actions, or property damage stemming from anarchistic activities.

## androids are not to be confused with other mechanisms with the same nomenclature. ie 3PO, twiggy, Robbie, or Lor

### NOT fully functional